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"Battlefield V" - Allied Assault, MP Soldier - Concept Art

Project: Battlefield V
Client: EA DICE
Date: 2016-2017
Art Director: Jhony Ljungstedt

Early Pre-production concepts of the BFV soldiers, setting a style and tone for the games' characters.
For the concepts I used Zbrush and Marvelous Designer for sculpting, Keyshot for rendering, and Photoshop for final detailing.

Together with Concept Art Director Robert Sammelin, we set out to create a plausible and interesting look for our 1940's soldiers, challenging preconceptions but heavily inspired by history, with an awareness of what has been done before in pop culture, and building on prior look development in the Battlefield series.

From the concepts we then produced real assets for 3D scanning by getting hold of WW2 uniforms and gear, setting them up on our mannequins and applied proper wear-and-tear through a variety of techniques. For this process we where happy to get an extra hand from other character and concept artists at DICE.

Per haagensen bfv chr mp allied assault 1a 2 2

"Battlefield V" - Allied Assault, MP Soldier - Concept Art

Per haagensen allied assault concept to costume small 720

"Battlefield V" - Allied Assault, MP Soldier - Concept Art to Real Costume example