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"Battlefield V" - Vehicle concept art

Project: Battlefield V
Client: EA DICE
Date: 2018
Art Director: Jhony Ljungstedt

Visual target concepts for customizable vehicles.
For the Sturmtiger and the Churchill tanks I had the great help of fellow concept artists Johannes Palmblad and Debbie Tsoi.
I created a 3D base for the vehicles in Zbrush, then rendered in Keyshot. Details and backdrops done in Photoshop.

Per haagensen bfv veh hanomag

"Battlefield V" - Hanomag - Vehicle concept art

Per haagensen bfv veh sturmtiger

"Battlefield V" - Sturmtiger - Vehicle concept art. Collaboration with Johannes Palmblad.

Per haagensen bfv veh churchill

"Battlefield V" - Churchill - Vehicle concept art. Collaboration with Debbie Tsoi.