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"Mirror's Edge: Catalyst" Keyart II

Project: "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst"
Client: EA DICE
Date: 2015
Art Director: Jhony Ljungstedt

Keyart for the multi-platform videogame "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst".
Sculpted in Zbrush, Rendered in Keyshot - postwork in Photoshop.
For the head I referenced the in-game sculpture done in collaboration with the character artists at DICE, and a photoscan of a model done inhouse, whom also performed the pose and provided great photoreference.

I discussed the making of this piece and the use of digital sculpture in concept art for DICE at the Swedish National Museum, which you can read a little bit more about here:

Per haagensen mec keyart 2 v3 portrait 2

"Mirror's Edge: Catalyst" -
Keyart II

Per haagensen mec keyart 2 widecrop3

"Mirror's Edge: Catalyst" -
Keyart II